Image of Billy's Beer Glass - 16oz [PRE ORDER].

Billy's Beer Glass - 16oz [PRE ORDER].

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This is the only beer glass you'll ever want or need.

This 16 ounce beer glass is perfect for even the rowdiest parties, this glass is specially heat treated for increased strength at the top portion of the glass, which is the part most susceptible to breakage. This process increases resistance to thermal and mechanical shock for longer service life and fewer broken glasses.

This German-style pub glass, also known as a “willi becher” glass, has a tall slender body and tapered head. It shows off the beer’s color and clarity in an appealing manner, while the tapered top shape better retains the beer’s head. The shape also traps tempting aromas inside the glass for an enhanced experience. This type of glass is ideal for serving German style ales and lagers.

Dishwasher safe, but avoid using highly-acidic cleaners. I would hand wash only for longevity.

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